Not sure why you are unhappy in your career?

Your Work Profile helps you uncover what drives you to work and what you need to feel fulfilled

Hi, We built MatchWork to help people like 

you feel more fulfilled & engaged in your work life

Are you looking for meaning

in your work?

Here is how your work profile helps you figure out

Other than paying your bills, do you have clarity on why you NEED to work?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on what drives you to work and/or continue learning

Do you have a clear sense of what your are great at AND what you enjoy doing?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on clear sense of the value you can add to the world


Why is it that work is so important to us?

Why is it that some jobs make me feel unfulfilled?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on what you need from your workplace to feel connected & engaged

Identify what drives you to work

Identify what you are great at & what you enjoy doing

Identify your ideal work context

Census data only gives you so much and, is already outdated by the time you get your hands on it. With MatchWork, you can get the data you need now:

The people I get to work with

The product I create: The outcome of my work

The Process: How I get to do my work

“MatchWork has been incredible to work with throughout this process!

Matthew Taylor

United Way

“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition.”

Maria D Souza


“The simple to use visualize interface feature made it easy for our team to get started”

Mike Danton

Self Advocate


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tell me what I should do with my life?

Unfortunately no. What it will do is help you narrow down what matters to you in your work life and help you reflect on what you should focus on to find & feel fullfilled and engaged in your work life.

What should I do with my Work Profile?

You should book a session with a good career coach who can help you create a plan on how best you can find fulfillment in and from your work, based on your Work Profile

Can I get my team to do this and compare notes?

Yes you can. If your team and/or organization signs up, you have the added beenfit of seeing team and organization aggregated Work Profiles.

For teams, email us at:

Can I add my own questions?

Yes you can as a team lead ! Adding questions is a simple process through your dashboard.

Who owns the data?

Each user owns their own data.

We don't have a tech team to set this up on our devices. What can we do?

MatchWork is cloud based, easy to use and doesn't not require any installation. It is fully responsive and works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Simple, transparent pricing

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Get your individual work profile
Identify your work drivers
Identify your superpowers
Get clear on your ideal work context
For small groups/teams of up to 5 people
 Same as Individual plus
Up to 5 individual work profiles (contact us if you have a larger team/group)
Get aggregated insights on common attributes for the team/group 

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